In 2020, we’ll launch a mentoring programme. Mentoring is a process which helps people to achieve their full potential.

For mentees

Mentoring helps you to:

  • Identify solutions and actions.
  • Set appropriate goals and assess progress.
  • Commit to action and develop lasting personal change and growth.
  • Continually improve your abilities and develop new skills.

For mentors

Mentors, not only is this a valuable opportunity to pass on your experience and give something back to the sector, but integrating simple performance coaching techniques can help you to get the best out of your team. You will:

  • Use questioning techniques in order to identify solutions and actions.
  • Support your mentee in setting appropriate goals and methods of assessing progress.
  • Encourage a commitment to action and the development of lasting personal change and growth.
  • Encourage your mentee to continually improve competencies and to develop new skills.

Mentoring, and the use of simple coaching techniques, can enhance the culture of any organisation by helping people to realise their potential.

Our programme will assist in the development of commercial skills, confidence, management skills, strategic thinking & performance.

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Mentoring - Expression of interest

If you're interested in joining the mentoring programme when it launches, either as a mentor or mentee, then please enter your details below. We'll be in touch when the programme launches!


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