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For over 20 years organisations have been talking Epos. Anything that plugs into the wall is Epos. Many, if not all of you, will have Epos – but technology has changed. What else could you be implementing to increase revenue?

Ticket Collection

When booking tickets online, a visitor may still need to queue to collect their tickets. Implementing a kiosk near the entrance can allow them to print their tickets and reduce queues.

Creating a Shopping Cart

It is not possible to have a shop at every exhibit, so visitors will walk around a venue, and then visit the shop. By implementing a ‘click as you go’ solution, using a mobile phone, a visitor can see all the items available for purchase and create a basket. At the end of their visit they will either have a shopping list or a click and collect transaction.

Mobile POS

Mobile POS has previously been difficult to achieve as hardware has needed to be plugged in. Hardware can now run without the need for external power, including a POS terminal the size of a credit card machine with an integrated printer. So you can now have true mobility.

Café App

One area that always seems to have queues on busy days is the café/restaurant. To alleviate queues a QR showing ‘order your drinks now’ would allow visitors to place an order. When arriving at the café, the drinks can be ready and the visitor just collect their drinks without queuing.

At K3 we have the technology to easily create solutions to help.

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