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We don’t usually open on a Sunday – but in just three hours we beat our best day’s sales so far this year! The event raised the profile of the museum and generated future footfall … I’m so glad we took part as it provided a unique focus, with a relaxed and happy atmosphere

Bridport Museum Trust

On Sunday 1 December 2019 join over 1,000 cultural venues worldwide putting on special events and promotions to celebrate and raise the profile of cultural retail.

Museum Shop Sunday is a fantastic platform for you to:
  • Boost your income – in 2018 participants reported increases of up to 68% in sales, 55% in footfall and 49% in average transaction value
  • Attract new audiences – showcase your products and your venue to new customers
  • Boost awareness – increase media coverage and social engagement by being part of an international campaign.
How to get involved

Start planning your event or promotion for the day – ideally something that will attract publicity in the run-up to the day and appeal to both new and existing customers. A combination of two or three events can work really well – perhaps a craft activity or book signing, a food or drink tasting, a competition or prize draw and a free gift with selected purchases.

Use the marketing toolkit to create posters, email headers, web banners and social media posts.

Don’t forget to let us know you’re taking part, so we can add you to the list of participating venues here on the website and help promote your events via the Museum Shop Sunday social media channels. We’ll also send you a free point of sale pack* to help promote your event in-store (*members only. Not a member? Sign up here).

For more tips and advice, including key messages, how to overcome challenges such as limited time and resources or getting organisational buy-in, how to promote your activities and how to get involved if you’re not open on a Sunday – check out our FAQs.

Associate Members

You can get involved with Museum Shop Sunday too! Why not partner with a cultural venue on Sunday 1 December to create in-store events such as meet the maker, book signings, craft demonstrations or new product launches.

Having Alison Gardiner with us, sharing her artwork and signing her gift boxes, proved that adding the personal touch increases sales

Mary Rose Museum

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