Cultural Enterprises Podcast – Series One

The Cultural Enterprises Podcast is a place to think about your role in Cultural Enterprises – what’s the latest thinking in the sector, and how can you learn from the experiences of others?

Series 1 covered buying, eCommerce, evaluation, leadership, strategy, and how trading is seen by the wider organisation.


Darren Henley’s Keynote Speech at the Cultural Enterprises Conference

In the first episode of the Cultural Enterprises Podcast, the Chief Executive of Arts Council England provides an overview of Cultural Enterprises, and celebrates their role in securing great art and culture for everyone.

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Better Buying

The second Cultural Enterprises Podcast focuses on the crucial, yet often overlooked, subject of Buying. Hear retail consultant Perry Bushell and Retail Managers, Catherine McGoldrick (National Museums Northern Ireland) and Laura Pryke (Kettle’s Yard) discuss whether Buying is art or science…or both.

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Successful eCommerce

Want to get started in eCommerce? Already have an eCommerce offer but want top tips on how to improve it? If so, the third Cultural Enterprise podcast is for you, as we focus on why eCommerce is vital for museums, galleries and cultural attractions in general. 

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Creating a Commercial Strategy

It’s widely recognised that a strong commercial strategy is a key component of any cultural organisation. What’s less clear is what makes a commercial strategy strong! What should it contain? Who needs to be involved? When should it be revised / rewritten? Join us on the fourth Cultural Enterprises Podcast to hear answers to all of the above, and more.

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Trading as Part of the Wider Organisation

Generating unrestricted income for cultural organisations has never been more important, and attitudes towards commercial thinking have changed, but to what extent? 

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Leadership Skills

You might be a boss, but are you a leader? On this episode we discuss the differences between the two.

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The Importance of Evaluation

Plan, do, and don’t forget to review! In the final episode series one we discuss the importance of evaluation, why it can be so problematic, and when it should be done.

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