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Retail Essentials: Shop Floor Skills

This course will explore the importance of understanding your customer in order to turn browsers into buyers

Retail Essentials: Finance

This course will give you the knowledge you need to both effectively run the financial side of your business

PR for Cultural Retail

This course will give you a chance to consider how and why you could, and should, PR your retail destination

Visual Merchandising and Consumer Psychology

This course will show you that by understanding your customers, you can apply techniques that will ultimately increase sales.

Retail Essentials: Visual Merchandising

This course will give you the tools to use the theatre and drama of visual merchandising to best effect in your shop

Licensing Essentials

This course gives you an introduction to the subject of brand licensing, including how to develop licensing programmes

Advanced Visual Merchandising

This course will boost your confidence in creating impactful and creative experiences for your customers to enjoy

Retail Essentials: Buying

This course will help you understand the whole of the buying and planning cycle

Advanced Licensing

This course gives those who are already working in licensing the skills to enhance their current licensing programmes

Bespoke Product Development

This course will help you learn more about what bespoke merchandise can add to your retail offer.


Cultural Retail Trends for 2021

Julie Molloy – Managing Director, National Gallery Company

Lycia Lobo – Commercial Director, English Heritage

Better Buying

The biggest tool that I use and that I think that everyone should, something that a lot of people don’t appreciate, is your EPOS data. It’s absolutely essential to what you do.

Catherine McGoldrick, Retail Manager National Museums Northern Ireland


Starting an Online Shop

eCommerce in Lockdown

Can I help you, Sir?

All for a Good Cause

Christmas in July

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