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Online Course – Maximising Commercial Income

This course introduces you to the three key areas of earned income: admissions, affiliation; and ancillary

Online Course – Ticketing Essentials

This course gives you the guiding principles to create a sophisticated pricing strategy, which not only increases income, but also serves to maximise volume and promote accessibility

Online Course – Developing Your Brand

This course will guide you through the principles of how to build your brand, and how this can help to develop customer engagement, increase customer visits and boost revenue.


Darren Henley – CEO, Arts Council England

Laura Wright – CEO, The Postal Museum

What makes a commercial strategy strong? What should it contain? Who needs to be involved? When should it be revised / rewritten? This episode gives you all the answers…

Generating unrestricted income for cultural organisations has never been more important, this episode looks at how attitudes towards commercial thinking have changed, and to what extent?

I’ve been doing this job for five years now, and I think if you’d even asked me six or seven years ago, I wouldn’t have imagined doing this

Darren Henley – CEO, Arts Council England

It’s really starting to get the rest of the organisation to understand that income is an enabler for all of the amazing things that happen

Karen O’Connor – Director of Commercial Enterprises, National Museums Liverpool


Collaborative Commerce

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