Cultural Enterprises Podcast – Series Three

The Cultural Enterprises Podcast is a place to think about your role in Cultural Enterprises – what’s the latest thinking in the sector, and how can you learn from the experiences of others?

Series 3 is part of the Association for Cultural Enterprises’ Year of Digital and will focus on a range of topics, from Front of House to Mental Health, helping you consolidate, create and renew, as the sector opens up again following the most challenging year it has ever faced.


Cultural Retail Trends for 2021

What will cultural retail look like when the sector re-opens? From conscious consumerism to the resurgence of the physical store, retail consultant and creator of The Resilient Retail Club, Catherine Erdly, joins us to investigate what will be moulding cultural retail in the year to come.

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Mental Health in the Workplace

After over 12 months of lockdowns, furlough, redundancies, closures, re-openings, and more closures, the level of uncertainty, on an organisation and individual level, has surely affected the mental health of every one of us. Vicki Cockman, Head of Client Delivery at Mental Health First Aid England, joins us to give some tips on how to best look after ourselves, and each other, in the coming months…

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Creative Commerce in Lockdown

While some organisations were put in the difficult position of being unable to trade at all in the last year, others were fortunate (and entrepreneurial) enough to find new ways to generate income, stay connected with the community, and help shape the future of their enterprises.

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The Future of Front of House

What will Front of House operations look like as we reopen in 2021? Gabriela Gandolfini, Head of Visitor Experience at the Royal Opera House, looks back at three lessons learned from 2020 and how to implement those three learnings in 2021.

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Process Driven Thinking

Chris Snow, Head of Support Services at the National Theatre, looks at a few tools that can help Visitor Experience or Operations Managers to improve a team’s efficiency, the quality of the venue’s visitor experience, and ultimately make our working lives a bit easier.

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Post-pandemic Sustainability in Cultural Trading

What impact has the pandemic had on sustainability in cultural trading, and what does the future hold? Can we take this opportunity to radically re-think cultural trading along more sustainable lines? To answer these questions, we welcome Dr. Jamie Larkin, Assistant Professor of Creative and Cultural Industries at Chapman University in California, to the podcast.

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