Cultural Enterprises Podcast – Series Two

The Cultural Enterprises Podcast is a place to think about your role in Cultural Enterprises – what’s the latest thinking in the sector, and how can you learn from the experiences of others?

Series 2 saw presenter Gabriela Gandolfini chat to top leaders in the cultural enterprises sector to find out how they got to where they are, what inspires them, and what advice they have for the next generation of leaders?


Julie Molloy – Managing Director, National Gallery Company

Julie tells us how, via C&A, Windsor Castle, and the Royal Academy, she got one of the most prestigious positions in cultural enterprises – and how she stays motivated after two decades in the role.

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Bernard Donoghue – Mayor of London’s Culture Ambassador and CEO of ALVA

Bernard gives an open and honest account of his life and career as well as offering advice to the next generation of leaders.

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Lycia Lobo – Commercial Director, English Heritage

From the High Street to Commercial Director of English Heritage, via the V&A and the Ashmolean, Lycia Lobo has had a fascinating career. Hear all about her journey, including what drives her career and how she learned about the importance of the customer experience when she was just 5 years old.

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Darren Henley – CEO, Arts Council England

In this fascinating episode, Arts Council England CEO and author, Darren Henley OBE, tells us all about his life and career, from his roots in radio and how he got into writing, to his unexpected ascent to lead Arts Council England. 

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Gordon Morrison – CEO, Association of Scottish Visitor Attractions

Honest. Passionate. Inspiring. Gordon Morrison, CEO of ASVA (the Association of Scottish Visitor Attractions) tells us about his career (including the mistakes he’s made), the importance of visitor attractions to the cultural landscape of the country, and the skills needed to lead an organisation with close to 500 members.

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Laura Wright – CEO, The Postal Museum

rom dreams of being a tap dancer, to CEO of The Postal Museum, via nearly two decades at Tate, Laura Wright is the final guest of series two of the Cultural Enterprises Podcast. Laura speaks with honestly about how self doubt can be a positive attribute in leadership, why those who struggle with networking are the ones who need to do it most, and how your career should all be about following your passions.

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