Cultural Enterprises Podcast

The Cultural Enterprises Podcast is a place to think about your role in Cultural Enterprises – what’s the latest thinking in the sector, and how can you learn from the experiences of others?

Series 1 will cover buying, eCommerce, evaluation, leadership, strategy, and how trading is seen by the wider organisation.

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Episode 1: Darren Henley, Chief Executive of Arts Council England

You offer customers product and experiences with an aesthetic and ethical value that may also connect them to place and time. Something that’s beautiful, useful and reminiscent. This is not souvenir shopping, it has a spirit of creativity and enquiry.

Darren Henley OBE, Chief Executive of Arts Council England

In the first episode of the Cultural Enterprises Podcast, the Chief Executive of Arts Council England provides an overview of Cultural Enterprises, and celebrates their role in securing great art and culture for everyone.

Mentioned in this episode:

Episode 2 Coming Soon: Better Buying

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