Cultural Enterprises Podcast – Journeys

The Cultural Enterprises Podcast is a place to think about your role in Cultural Enterprises – what’s the latest thinking in the sector, and how can you learn from the experiences of others?

Inspired by her own journey, Association for Cultural Enterprises’ Chief Executive, Jill Fenwick, chats to sector leaders about their own personal journeys – how did they get to where they are, what advice do they have for the next generation, and how do they see the future of the sector, post-pandemic?


Kingston Myles – Head of Commercial Development, English Heritage

How did a law graduate end up developing sustainable ranges of crisps for English Heritage? It’s fair to say Kingston Myles hasn’t had the most traditional career path. From nightclubs and festivals to the cultural sector, hear how Kingston transitioned from the 5-9 to the 9-5…

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Matthew Henderson – Product Development Manager, Beamish

Hear how an apprenticeship at sixteen took Matthew Henderson away from a potential career training owls for a living(!) and helped mould him into one of the sector’s most creative and enthusiastic leaders…

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