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Maximising Commercial Income

Learn how to maximise revenue by developing an integrated strategy across key areas of earned income including admissions, memberships, retail and catering.

Developing a Brand Strategy

This course will guide you through the principles of building a brand strategy, and how this can develop customer engagement, increase customer visits and boost revenue.

Creating a Ticket Pricing Strategy

This course gives you the guiding principles to create a sophisticated pricing strategy which will increase ticket revenue, maximise volume and promote accessibility. 

Writing a Digital Strategy

This course shows you how to create an effective digital strategy that will help to drive sales, engage with new audiences and increase awareness of your products.

Further Resources

The Big Three

Three senior leaders. Three questions. Insights into running a cultural organisation, engaging audiences and generating revenue.

Podcast: The Importance of Evaluation

Plan, do, and don’t forget to review! A discussion about the importance of evaluation, when is the best time to do it, and why it can be problematic.

Podcast: Creating a Commercial Strategy

Senior figures from across the cultural sector discuss what should be the key components of a robust and effective commercial strategy.

Commercial Benchmarking Reports

Our Benchmarking Reports provide KPIs across the main areas of commercial activity at UK cultural venues, including retail, ecommerce and more.

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