Membership of the Association for Cultural Enterprises offers a unique opportunity to learn and share experiences with the biggest network of professionals in the commercial cultural sector. Our training events and resources are designed to help you make the most of your shop, café and other income generating activities. 

The great news is that once your organisation has joined the Association, the benefits of membership are available to all employees. We offer two types of membership:

The Association for Cultural Enterprises has been instrumental in making heritage retailing what it is today.

Ginny Leadley, Retail Buying and Merchandising Officer, York Museums Trust

Full membership and Full Membership Plus is open to any cultural or heritage organisation that has charitable status, or is otherwise run as a not-for-profit organisation. Your commercial activities might include retail, publishing, venue hire, licensing, catering and ecommerce.

Associate membership is open to suppliers of goods and services, including professional consultancy, as well as commercial visitor attractions. See who our Associate Members are.

Find the type of membership that’s right for you.

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