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Bethlehem Baubles

Christmas decorations handmade in Bethlehem
  • Hand blown by Muslims
  • Hand painted by Christians
  • Shipped by Israel

Christmas should be about giving something special to the ones we love and connecting with the things that really matter. In an age of mass production and commercialisation, Bethlehem Baubles offers you the chance to return to these simple origins and renew the authentic spirit of Christmas.

We’ve paired up with Bethlehem Fair Trade Artisans (BFTA) who work closely with Muslim and Christian communities at an individual level in order to produce a unique gift with a direct and meaningful impact.

Sourced in the Holy Land, Bethlehem Baubles are made from recycled materials wherever possible with the aim of providing long term jobs in the local Community. We change the designs each year so that people can support us by purchasing a new bauble every year.

Bethlehem Baubles have become really popular and authentic Christmas gifts. We are available online and in museum, gift and cathedral shops across the UK but.. we would love to sell more! The more baubles we make the more jobs we create in an area of conflict that really needs our support. | 07831 343853

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