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Our Mission

At Rod Barlow Consulting we provide expert advice to cultural enterprises to help plan, choose and implement the best technology to enhance the visitor experience and maximise commercial benefit.

We achieve this by developing a clear understanding of our clients’ objectives and matching them to the best available software solutions.

Key Trends

Develop or improve the online offer

With less than 50% of cultural organisations with a gift shop having an online presence, there has been a surge in “pop-up” eCommerce sites. For those that are established online, we see significant demand for better technology to deal with order management. We support you to choose the best online and back office platform that is appropriate to your size and will maximise your sales.

Working remotely has accelerated the sector to embrace cloud technology

The fear of having your data exposed on the internet has been overtaken by the requirement for agile, easy to deploy software that can be logged onto and used from anywhere. We work with the best cloud system providers across EPoS, Ticketing, eCommerce and CRM and can help you make the right choices.

A thirst for knowing who is buying rather than what is selling

There is more demand for understanding the habits of the customer; what they buy and when. This demand is fueled by a need to understand these habits across the different touchpoints of retail, hospitality, admissions, events and membership. We will ensure that your solutions deliver these valuable insights.

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