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Creating Value in New Ways

Cultural institutions have always had to struggle to fund their work, preserve their collections and create new and valuable experiences. We are starting a new website to help.

The Creating Value site will link your enterprise with designers and producers who understand your needs and can deliver in runs that suit your footfall and online sales. The design and sourcing fee will be included in the price of the goods. Our design team has a breadth of knowledge and experience in different design disciplines and industries. The products ordered will relate to the visitorsโ€™ experience and what they value.

Any cultural institution has stories that should be shared in new and different ways with customers. People may want to support their work at a distance, say by buying from a local or online shop.

Creating Value is a business to business site. Subscribers will not just be from the cultural sector but charities, interior designers, online shops, event organisers as well as local high street outlets. So any of these buyers may share your interest and values. Through licensing, the site will also enable other enterprises to share your stories. It will encourage others to buy your collections that resonate with their customers and in return generate additional income for your organisation.

Please take a look, become an early subscriber and let us know how we could make it work for you and your audiences. | | 020 7511 5767

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