Call for Speakers

Do you have something to say about digital income generation or environmental sustainability in the cultural sector?

Would you be interested in sharing your learning and insights with colleagues across the sector? Your experiences may be just what someone else in our sector needs to hear in order to solve a challenge and take their own activities to the next level.

We’re looking for speakers to share inspiring case studies, insight and practical advice at our upcoming one day Digital Conferences on digital income and environmental sustainability.

We want to hear any proposal that you feel fits with the theme of these events. Some subjects which you may choose to address are listed below.

Demystifying Digital Income
14 June 2022*

This one day Conference will explore what we mean by digital income, and how to make it work (especially without technical expertise or big budgets), with practical advice to help attendees develop new digital revenue streams. Topics might include:

  • Case studies of successful and creative digital income generation
  • Experience with platforms such as Substack or Patreon
  • Digital events and hybrid experiences
  • Digital fundraising
  • Monetising digital content especially on social media
  • Using digital income streams to reach new audiences
  • Building digital communities
  • Identifying the activities that are right for your organisation
  • Thinking through the customer journey
  • Creating a strategy and setting realistic goals

Environmental Sustainability
28 September 2022*

This one day Conference will cover all aspects of environmental sustainability in commercial income generation. We’re looking for case studies, expertise and new ideas which attendees can put into practice at their own organisations. Topics might include:

  • Case studies of successful sustainable initiatives across any areas of commercial activity
  • Balancing a sustainable approach with commercial targets
  • Communicating sustainable values both to inform visitors and to support higher price points
  • Sustainability challenges in a heritage building
  • Green auditing
  • Customer messaging and environmental labelling
  • Waste recycling and circular economy
  • Sustainable sourcing and ethical labour

Please note we are not looking for presentations that promote products or services. 

*Dates subject to change.

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