Glasgow, 2-3 March 2022

A Climate Positive Conference

Glasgow 2022 is officially a Climate Positive Event, certified by Earthly. We’ve taken into account everything from attendee travel, food and beverages, to heating and electricity, to offset our carbon emissions.

Using the information provided, our total impact comes to 71.67 t CO2e. To be certified as a Climate Positive Business Earthly asks organisations to invest at least 110% of their footprint – to go beyond just carbon neutral. This means removing 78.84 t CO2e rather than 71.67 t CO2e.

Once the event is over, we will provide data on the event to Earthly so we can accurately adjust to offset emissions.

What does offsetting mean? We’ve chosen to support Earthly’s projects protecting tropical rainforest, mangrove regeneration, and more. These are all independently accredited to ensure they actively reduce climate-negative emissions.

Find out more about the Association’s sustainability policy.

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